This trend in smm is closely related to video content and AR masks and desi sexi video. A new way of engaging the audience is gaining popularity in social networks – games: quizzes, contests, tests, polls, etc. Traditional calls to action do not work – users no longer pay attention to them, and games and contests help to increase sales in social networks unobtrusively. In this way, the reader gets to know the product better, and the product itself causes more positive emotions in a person.

You can “play” with the public in more familiar ways – through contests in social networks and drawings for a repost or comment. But with the advent of new technologies, games have reached a different level. Now you can take tests in stories through AR masks, guess songs, find differences between two pictures, etc.

So, in the summer of 2021, the Skillbox online school chose an original way to invite subscribers to its music camp. In Instagram stories, the school played a game: users need to listen to a short audio clip and guess what it is: it’s raining or a chicken is fried, a door opens or a balloon is tied, etc. At the end, participants are offered to try their hand at sound design – the school gives brief information about the upcoming camp and a link to the relevant landing page.