Adam Mosseri: Instagram will focus on Reels

The head of Instagram, Adama Mosseri, published a post in which he summed up the results of 2021 and outlined the vector for the development of the social network for 2022. In particular, the main focus will be on the video format for maximum audience engagement.

Mosseri says the focus will remain on Reels:

“We’re going to double down on video and consolidate all of our video formats around Reels.”

Because Reels work. According to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Reels have been a key driver of engagement growth on Instagram.

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What will Instagram look like in 2022?
Reels now show up in the main feed, Instagram merged video posts and IGTV back in October, and when uploading any video, it offers to publish Reels. Therefore, it is logical that if the next step is to switch to a single feed that will include all content formats and move between posts, stories and reels can be swiped, like in Tik-Tok.

Mosseri notes that Instagram will look to develop in-app messaging features as well as add new monetization tools for creators.

Another development option is the division of the main feed, as it is now implemented in Facebook. There is a main feed, but you can switch to publications from featured authors or view content in chronological order.

In addition, more and more TikTok-like features are likely to appear on Instagram.